South Florida hosts some of the most talented improvisational comedy performers in the country. Below are links to some of the quality troupes available to you for either public or private performances.

You should take advantage of the opportunity to see these shows and their performers before they move onto New York, Chicago or LA.

Always contact the troupes about their availability directly as we want to make certain that you have a positive experience.

miami improv

If you are looking for "The Miami Improv," you should go to their site. It's at While co-opting the name "Improv", it was not related to "improvisation" and instead was referring to stand-up comedy. They have great clubs in South Florida. Enjoy the show!

The Villain Theatre provides quality long form improv as well as a Chicago-styled training program enhancing the quality of improv in South Florida. 

Appearing irregularly, often for charities, THEY improv performs long, short and mid-form improv with innovative pieces and all for good causes. Though listed as Broward County, THEY improv is mainly focused on private events for corporations and families in South Florida and beyond.

Sick Puppies has a South Florida pedigree and continues to expand into one of the top troupes of South Florida. The shows are great and the training program boasts a tremendous success rate. 

Mod27 is truly one of the most talented troupes around with a dedication to craft that others can only hope to emulate.

Tropical Punch Improv brings the flavor of the tropics to your events.

If you attend any of their shows because of this site, please let them know. Also please email us about your experience at the show



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