Miami has a long history of improvisational comedy and stands ready to provide you with quality entertainment. This goes whether you live in the area, are planning a vacation or spend your winters in South Florida.

Enjoy top-notch comedy in South Florida by taking in a true improvisational theater show. Find out more about local shows by looking at Local Troupes and catching a show.

impys holds an annual event, the Improv Miami Prizes, celebrating the best of improv for the past year. This annual event recognizes excellence in South Florida improv with awards in various categories. Learn more about the awards on the Impy Award event page.

Improv provides an alternative to the various stand-up clubs in the area (if you are looking for the Improvisation Comedy Club, also known as the Miami Improv, go to as well as other theatrical venues. With an impressive cast of actors in the area, improvisational comedy always delivers a variety of entertainment for a small amount of money. Actors take suggestions from the audience and perform comedic and theatrical pieces. The audience participates by initiating the action with their suggestions.

This direct interaction has long made improvisation a favorite among theater-goers, patrons of the arts as well as the college students and other youths in the area. Truly bridging generational and ethnic gaps, improvisational comedy provides a unique take on the human condition and helps audiences find the laughter. A variety of improvisational troupes have stepped forward to provide entertainment and humor to audiences in South Florida.



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